Beneficiaries of Izandla Property

The Entrepreneurship Development Trust (EDT) is the majority investor of Izandla Property. EDT has established itself amongst the country’s leading drivers of transformation and development. The Trust aims to spark a fundamental shift in people’s perception; helping them to go from hopelessness to feeling inspired. By investing in strategic interventions, the EDT provides the necessary bridge between powerful business sectors and the communities that need their support. In order to achieve this goal, the Trust administers much-needed funding to a variety of strategically chosen beneficiaries.

The EDT will benefit by receiving sustainable annuity income through Izandla’s investement in quality real estate.


Wits University – Vice Chancellor Scholarship programme

The EDT has partnered with the University of the Witwatersrand to promote transformation through education. To this end, the Trust grants scholarships to financially challenged, academically deserving black students. Scholarships enable beneficiaries to complete degrees in medicine, engineering, actuarial science and accounting. Consequently, graduates are encouraged to apply themselves in the South African workforce, where these specialist skills are in short supply.

A number of students who’ve been awarded this scholarship have successfully completed their studies, with more scholarships awarded each year.


Young Treps

The EDT has partnered with Investec and En-novate to boost entrepreneurship at a grass-roots level. By sending promising, young entrepreneurs on fully-funded trips to global centres of excellence, En-novate helps to nurture entrepreneurial skills. En-novate is driven by the conviction that South African entrepreneurs can compete with the best that the rest of the world has to offer. What they appear to lack, however, is the confidence to take risks and prove it.

These trips expose aspiring professionals to the latest technologies, innovation and best business practices. Furthermore, these experiences provide beneficiaries with holistic, simplified means for developing cross-border partnerships in a variety of international markets.


The EDT has partnered with the Kutlwanong Centre for Math, Science and Technology to support Promaths. Promaths is an initiative that offers extra Maths and Science tuition to Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners. The programme was piloted in Soweto in 2005 and has grown to accommodate over 5 000 learners in 20 centres across South Africa. The EDT has been involved with Promaths since 2014 and currently supports 1 050 learners.

Learners with greater proficiency in Mathematics and Science gain better access to quality tertiary education. Beneficiaries who pass through the Promaths programme become less inhibited, and are able to pursue courses that they might not ordinarily have considered. Therefore, Promaths supports transformation by empowering young people to go forth and empower themselves, as well as others.


Raizcorp provides support for enthusiastic, growth-hungry entrepreneurs. Preferring to think of themselves as a Prosperator™ rather than an incubator, Raizcorp’s programmes offer beneficiaries a valuable platform to learn and grow. Time and again, the foundations laid by this platform translate into practical business success. Thus, it is hardly surprising that Raizcorp is Africa’s most successful, most established for-profit business incubator model.

In 2013, Raizcorp joined forces with Investec to launch the ACUMEN Enterprise Acceleration Programme. Following the massive success of the first programme with a budget of just R12 million, a second programme was launched in 2015. This time around the budget has been doubled, with funding from both Investec and the EDT.


AMP is an Investec Property Fund initiative that seeks to facilitate skills-sharing amongst professionals in the property industry. From architects and developers to interior designers and sustainability experts, AMP provides beneficiaries an opportunity to collaborate in a space that supports success.

Izandla seeks to collaborate with AMPreneurs on various projects.

High school Scholarships

Under-privileged high school students receive funding from the Entrepreneurship Development Trust, in collaboration with Investec. The duo are contributing to economic transformation by providing bursaries to academically and financially deserving black learners, Expressly, this initiative focuses on education, where empowerment has, arguably, the longest-lasting effect. These bursaries enable students to attend well-established and high-performing high schools.

Under-privileged, hard-working students who receive a quality basic education have greater access to tertiary education down the line. Those who are able to complete a tertiary education and add their specialist skills to the South African workforce, go on to help build a better future for all South Africans. This is why empowerment at a grass-roots level is so important.

Izandla Property is a majority black-owned and managed property company powered by Investec Property and Investec Property Fund.

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